About Us
A Brief History

EastCore was started in 1998 as a partnership between Howard Merry and Rick Bradley. Originally named "East Media" its goal was to provide novel software, services, and information to the legal community. The application of Howard's strong legal background coupled with Rick's technical skills generated early excitement about East Media and their "Law School Confidential" legal education product.

Expanding the Law School Confidential project into an interactive service led to the development of the CorEngine software (an example of what would later be known as a content management system). To support the growth of CorEngine the partnership was incorporated and EastCore was born.

Since then CorEngine has grown by leaps and bounds, improving with every growth spurt. CorEngine runs high-profile high-traffic websites, provides a hosting platform for business and personal sites, and exposes a toolkit used by site integrators. CorEngine's design benefits from review by major publishers, ISP wholesellers, and value-added resellers.

Since development of EastCore software uses Open Source tools and platforms we have always felt a debt to the Open Source community. While we have always supported Open Source through activism, bug reports, and patch submission, recently we decided to begin repaying our debt by more actively supporting and contributing to Open Source. In the coming months EastCore will begin releasing development tools, administrative tools, and even our software products (including CorEngine) under Open Source licenses. We will also begin providing other EastCore resources to support Open Source development.

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